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  • JUL 08, 2020

    SEO Best Practices Checklist

    Mark Burrier

    Page Content

    Maintain High-Quality Content
    Make sure that the content on the page accurately and fully meets the objective of the page. If someone searches for a pizza on Google, they probably don’t want an essay discussing the origin of pizza — they most likely want lunch.

    Learn the Language of Demand
    Use keywords that people are likely to use in searches. Don’t choose “H1N1” as a keyword when most users are searching for “Swine Flu.”

    Use Keywords in Content
    Once you have decided on high-quality keywords, use them in page titles, descriptions and page content.

    Add Text to Non-Searchable Elements
    Google can only index text. For non-text page elements, like images, always create tags that accurately describe the image.

    Keep Content Deep and Fresh
    Google gives preference to sites that have a lot of content on a topic and update content regularly.



    Include Links in Page Content
    Top-level dropdowns shouldn’t be the only way to move from page to page on the site. Inline links on content pages help Google understand how content is structured and connected.

    Make Link Text Meaningful
    Creating link text that describes what a user will see after clicking on the link not only helps users but allows Google to better understand site content.



    Create Title Tags that Accurately Describe the Page Content
    Title Tags are the first things users see in search results. Ensure that they give users an accurate picture of what they will find on the page.

    Think Like a Marketer When you Create Description Tags
    Well-written description tags can persuade a user to click on a search-result link.

    Use Header Tags to Maintain a Structured Content Hierarchy
    Header tags, which help organize content like an outline, show search engines how content is structured.


    Other Considerations

    Maintain a Naturally-Flowing Hierarchy
    Google can better understand your site when pages are organized logically.

    Don’t Forget User-Created SEO
    Encourage users to post links back to the site and remember that any content posted by users in forums or blogs will be indexed by search engines