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  • SEP 01, 2020

    Support for Adobe Flash will end in December 2020


    Does your association have education files still using Flash? If so, your members will no longer be able to access them at the end of this year.

    Adobe Flash was a once popular software to present e-learning content, but concerns about security and the rise of mobile usage have deprecated this technology over the last 10 years. All major browsers have announced the removal of support for this technology. This means that by the end of 2020, pretty much no mainstream browsers will be able to access Flash content on the Web.

    You may still have Flash files in your older educational content that you’re unaware of. Enforme has been helping associations convert their online courses, videos, and animations to HTML5 in anticipation of this cutoff.

    Contact us to help your team get ahead of this cut-off so your content can be accessed without interruption.